such as function testing

Four years technical presales/product manager experience in enterprise system. ck mens underwearMy last role was Technical Product Manager
never take our Freedomat Microsoft, responsible for SharePoint 2010 consumter audiencetomorrow is another day. Prior to Microsoft, I was part of the FAST Search presales team that specialized in enterprise search solutionsilence hill. Before FAST, I am not a smart man,but I know what is love.I was a research staff at University of Surrey. Master testing theory, testing process, and testing technology, such as function testing, ck women's underwearsperformance testing, and automation testing;cheap north face jackets
l        Master testing software and tools, such as Clear Case, Clear Quest, Rational Robot, Win debug, Devpatner, QTP, VMMap
l        Master Java, C++, C program language and use Eclipse and VC2008 IDE fluently
l        familiar with Windows and Linux smoothly, and use SQL databases smoothly;cheap northface jackets
l        Know Java Script, VB Script, GUI Script;

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